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OOC: Recommendation Post

Heyo. It's been a tough week sorry to be so neglectful of prompts/threads, I'm handling some severe health issues. Also, where are my Who muses at? It seems so many of y'all have gotten quiet! I'm thinking the new season'll wake the muses up. I hope so, at least!

Doctor Who

Trying to Communicate by sam_storyteller <=== A MUST READ FOR TW AND NON-TW FANS ALIKE!
Vengence by lizbee
CT Response by sinister_charm
TBS Response: Great plan! by shot_my_shoes
A Proper Definition by tastefulfashion

Other Fandoms

TM Response: A Lie My Father Told Me by onewingbloody
Body Swap Storyline by fullonobiwan
TM Response: A Lie Your Parents Told You by alan_shore
TM Response: If YOu Could Buy A Magic Potion... by r_vecchio
WM Response: Revenge by changehistory
WM Response: Doesn't Change The Way You Feel... by autohomicide
WM Response: Let He Who Desires Peace... by fightsinfront
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