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RP for erikscordelia: It's about time, right?

So, it was pretty much the best plan he'd come up with in a while. Except for the whole driving bit, which was pretty much the most difficult thing he'd come up with in a while. He thought having the moped would be enough to get him from the TARDIS to the New York apartment without difficulty, but there was the whole fact that it was America and they all drove a) like madmen and b) on the wrong side of the road! The rest of the world (except Italy) all drove correctly!

Which pretty much terrified the young teenager he was driving. She clung to his shoulders like her life depended on it. He wasn't a bad driver! Just a little confused!

All the same, he did manage to get to the apartment without too much difficulty. The girl in tow, he hopped up to the call box. Funny, his alien tech security device was going rather crazy. Must've been malfunctioning again.

He pressed the button for "Lorna Dane". Hopefully she was home? He didn't want to have to go riding round the whole city again. He didn't think the teenager with him could handle another ride.
Tags: featuring: lorna "polaris" dane, roleplay: incomplete
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