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for couples_therapy: Discuss the sacrifices you've made for the sake of the relationship


1) Leave experiments lying around
-- a) Unless you want something to explode
2) Leave half-eaten lunch lying around
3) Leave private items lying around
-- a) Like a journal
-- b) Or old photographs
-- c) Or hygenical items
---- i) How ridiculously embarrassing was THAT day?
4) Leave literally anything interesting she might want to pick up lying around
5) Walk around the TARDIS in any form of undress
-- a) Not as if I actually did anyway
---- i) Except for that one time
---- ii) Which was never done again because Rose was there
6) Listen to the Thriller re-release without being teased
7) Talk about previous females I had some interaction of any sort with
-- a) Like Cleo!
-- b) Sarah Jane
-- c) Reinette
---- i) What was Rose so mad about??
8) Spend Thursday nights watching telly
-- a) Couples therapy! What?!
---- i) I don't trust that Dr. Love bloke.
---- ii) His eyes are too close together.
---- ii) And I don't like how he looks at Rose!
-- b) Not as if the TARDIS doesn't have Tivo 4.0
---- i) Sylar's always posting spoilers, though
-------- what goes after the little roman numerals?) Maybe I should blame Sylar for all this.
9) Blame people unreasonably without getting smacked in some way.
-- a) Ow.
10) Go to Sainsbury's without spending ridiculous amounts of money
11) Skip the queue at Sainsbury's by flirting with the teller
-- a) Of course, we can get through easier when Rose flirts with a male teller
12) Save the universe without any hitches
-- a) Well, in general
-- b) Okay, maybe not

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 279
Partner: Rose Tyler (canon)
Tags: community: couples therapy, featuring: rose tyler, verse [active]: couples therapy
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