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for makeyourlist: Things You Never Leave Home Without

In General:
1) TARDIS key
2) Sonic Screwdrier
3) Psychic Paper
4) Coat
5) Trainers
- a) How terrible was that day you forgot them?

On Rebalis 2:
6) Tiny little gifts for people you randomly meet
7) Oxygen mask
8) Wire cutters

On Beterarai:
6) Tiny little umbrellas for the tiny little sunbathers
- a) They really do need them more than you do
7) Those library books you need to return

Double-check your "In General" list.

On Haalis:
6) Gimbus neutralizing serum
7) Packs of apology cards
8) Bottled water

On Earth:
6) Money
- a) Pre-1970 they don't have atms for you to hack
7) False wedding band for self and companion
- a) Unless companion is male, pre-sexual revolution
- b) Probably the only reason that ploy didn't work
8) Stack of papers Sally Sparrow gave you

Now double-check your "In General" list again.

On Tatooine:
6) Sand goggles
7) Bartering equipment

On Scherera 8:
6) Heavy coat
7) Snowshoes
8) Sunblock
- a) Never, ever forget the sunblock again!

Do another check of the "In General" List! And you're ready to go!

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 181
Tags: community: make your list
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