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What Happens When a Mun Decides To Use Flavor Text and It Becomes a Plot All on Its Own

Now, it really, really would've been unprofessional for the Doctor to have gotten bored while waiting for Byron. He should've been thinking of all the ways that Byron could've been messing up time, what he could've been doing with Reinette, all those fantastic and wonderful things.

Of course, that would lead to extreme upset and a raging sort of jealousy.

Which, naturally, the Doctor would not have approved of. So, he busied himself with thinking of other things, like how many roundels there were in the console room. To do so, he was, of course, going to have to be comfortable, so he stretched out on the captain's chair.

Counting roundels? Very much like counting sheep.

He might've been snoring just a bit.

Cutely, though.
Tags: featuring: lord byron, featuring: rose tyler, roleplay: incomplete
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