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Brit's Brit Boy Personality Has Manifested!
Posted Feb 29th 2008 6:54PM by TMZ Staff

It's confirmed that Brit Brit's Brit personality has a new Brit in her life---and nobody knows who he is!

The first non-pap to be seen holding hands with Spears was seen last night outside of Hyde. The skinny suit scurried down West Hollywood with the Britster in tow. Get a tailor, TMZ spotted that this guy was dressed in tweed! Is it 1983? Must be trying to stick to Britney's most famous personality, her thick cockney!

In a style reserved especially for John Mayer, the unidentified bloke said they had to "save the world" and pulled the disheveled popwreck away from the flashing bulbs, knocking over a TMZ snapper when he wouldn't move fast enough. Call a shrink!

The Britwreck and Guard-zilla then shot down to Brit's waiting SUV. Maybe they desperately had to get their capes (or their straightjackets) cleaned before saving the world.

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Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
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Special thanks to daughterof_evil for the idea and banished_dame for help with the graphic!
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