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An Actual Livejournal Entry By the Doctor

Dear MySpace,

Dear Livejournal,

So. I'm actually using this livejournal thing for the purpose for which it was intended. Writing about my emotions or...you know. Whatever.

Two acquaintances of mine died very recently. I was in the process of helping them get out of a complicated deal they were in. I'm...well, I'm not entirely certain how I should feel on the matter. I sincerely doubt that Dean was freed from his deal through death, which means I failed him. Both of them.

Should've acted sooner. Matter of timing.

Also, Polaris...Lorna...the woman who looks like Rose but with shockingly green hair? She has a daughter. From a different universe, can you imagine that? Terrifyingly enough, I can. Always wonder what happens in those parallel universes to us Time Lords. Do we dry up like a raisin in the sun---no, wait. Sorry, wrong poem.

Jack's also sounded...well, a bit off, lately. I wonder how he's fairing with UNIT Medical Officer Jones wandering about. Maybe it's something else. I get the feeling that, as normal, he's not telling me everything. I'll have to stop off in Cardiff at some point.

So, list of required destinations in the early 21st century at some point around as soon as I can:

1. Colorado, to check up on Dean and Sam's survivors.
b. No. Wait. 2. New York, to see Lorna.
3. Cardiff, to check up on Jack.
4. West London, for a coffee.
5. Ministry of Magic, to give Dennis his very belated birthday gift from several years ago.

That's all, I think. Should reroute the subcororilators before I forget.
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