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Apparently sheeps say "meme". Brought to you by the letter H and my Seventh Self...

1. Horses: Especially ones named Arthur!

2. Harry Potter: Especially book number three, I found Barty Crouch Jr. quite fascinating.

3. Hair gel: Used for taming this big hair I've got this time around.

4. Housemartins, The: I don't know if anyone remembers the Housemartins but the best gig I went to was at the Scottish exhibition and conference center it must've been 1990 and the Housemartins were playing and it was quite simply the best gig I have ever been to. They broke up quite soon afterwards I can't tell you what that means about those particular events.

5. Harry Sullivan: Fantastic bloke, didn't spend nearly enough time traveling with him.

6. Hydrocorolators: Can never have enough of them if the internal hydraulics system of the TARDIS stops working.

7. Having a mole: I have one! Right between my shoulderblades! I love it!

8. Heroics: I've been known to engage in these, on occasion. But only on occasion. A very rare occasion. Occasionally.

9. Harriet Jones: More appropriately, overthrowing her in six words.

10. Humans: You lot have no idea how brilliant you are.

If you'd like a letter, comment and I'll pick one for you randomly.
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