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I'm off to Gallifrey One in the morning! Come 5am EST I'll be travelin', and arriving at some point in the PST (is that right? I have no idea what time zone Los Angeles is in)!

Anyone else goin'? Where'll we meet up? Do you have the chloroform and necessary equipment needed to kidnap Steven Moffat?

That is to say, I'll be gone for a few days. I'm caught up with my prompts, though I'll try to work on a few while I'm out there and RP will be sporadic to nonexistent. And, depending on what trouble we get in, I've taken a few extra days off from work for jail time/making up for being gone by giving y'all LOTS of RP!

See you on the flip side!

EDIT: Also! I made someone's day! That makes me squee! Here's my list, before I head back to packing-city...

Pick 10 people and give them the "You Make My Day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

In no particular order!

1. ambitious_woman
b...wait, no, 2. ninewho
3. thisway_comes
4. eternityticking
5. onlysayinghello
6. clever_wanderer
7. pinkhairedauror
8. hofficoffi
9. tastefulfashion
10. not_from_mars
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