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OOC: Fanfic Meme, stolen from nerfherdchuck

1. How about a brief introduction?

Hi. I'm MJ.

When I was eight I was bitten by a radioactive spider. I gained ZERO superpowers.

2. What got you into fan fiction (and/or adopting muses)?

Fanfic: When I was around 10 or so, I discovered the internet. And thusly discovered an X-Files fanfic site called "The X-Files Fanfic Archive". I actually have no idea if it's still there, but I was addicted to it for MONTHS. Yeah, my attention span is fairly short.

Muse adoption: It actually started when I began playing in house_calls during the interem between s1 and s2 of House, MD. They were very cool about helping a newbie with learning the ropes how to play, and I've been an addict ever since.

3. What kind of fan fiction do you write?

I try to do a variety of fanfic, anything between first-person prompt responses to prose to second-person adventure ficlets. I'm very big on variety, and I try to do at least one humor fic to one emo fic to keep myself "toned" in all areas.

4. Do you write for the same pairings/characters?

I try to vary my supporting characters, but I stick mainly to the Tenth Doctor. I do write for Jayne Cobb (heroof_canton), Sam Tyler (an_honest_cop, and Lucy Saxon (mrs_saxon) on occasion. They're my only really active muses.

5. What is your most popular fic and why do you think people like it so?

My current most popular fic is Anatomy of A Scene (Voyage of the Damned). I think it's popular because it justifies a scene that I know some people were rather squicked by. I spent the better part of a few days thinking JUST about that scene and figuring out why the Doctor did what he did.

It's one of the ficlets I am mosts proud of.

6. Forget other people, what is the fanfic you've written that you're most proud of and why?

Dancing At The Sugar Shack The narrator I created here is totally fun to write for, and I'm superproud of how the whole thing came together. It's fun to re-read!


Dream Time During the Apocolypse (NC-17) It's my first NC-17 ficlet and the result is something I'm terribly proud of. It's won "Best NC-17 Prompt" in the Tammy Awards.

7. Do you find writing easy? Hard? What aspects do you struggle with?

A little bit of both. It's hard to keep from repeating myself sometimes, and sometimes the muse just DOES NOT talk to me. Sometimes it's hard not to write. It all depends on the situation and the prompt.

8. Write a few sentences of your favorite pairing or character.

The Doctor is one of my favorite characters of all time, as is Jayne Cobb (from Firefly). For the Doctor, my favorite pairings to write for him are Doctor/Reinette, Doctor/Romana, and Doctor/Martha. Though I am a huge fan of Doctor/Rose and Doctor/Jack as well! It's all how they're done that make them my favorites. There aren't a lot of great Ten/Jack writers out there (though I LOVE the way onlysayinghello pulls it off!), when I find good fic, I stick with it.

9. Are there any fan fiction trends/cliches you hate?

I hate HATE sappy squishy love. Real love is hard, it's rough, it's sometimes dreadfully boring. And I know, I know that for the sake of writing there needs to be romance. I love romance, I write romance. But every kiss can not be PERFECT. Perfection pisses me off. More fun is had in a date that went wrong. You don't remember the sex that went right every time, you remember it when there was laughter or tears.

Also? The Doctor and the Master would NOT wear matching aprons while they cooked Sunday breakfast. Christ, what are you people on???

10. Are you guilty of any of the trends you hate?

I try to make situations and romance as imperfect as possible. I do write for the Doctor, after all.

11. What was the first fandom you wrote for? Do you still write for it?

It was Doctor Who, actually! My very first fan fiction was a 100-page mini-novel called Terror In The Labyrinth and I wrote it when I was 11. Here's a slice of it (I can't believe I still have this thing on my hard drive)...

The four travellers walked down one of the mineshafts. The hall was
very dark and dreary, but, to Peri, it seemed almost peaceful. That
whole "calm before the storm" thing, she thought. Light danced across
the walls, giving off the appearance of ghosts. But there wasn't
anything that could harm them, was there?
"Doctor!" Jamie called, his sharp eyes noticing something, "Don't move!"
The second Doctor was irritated, "Why not?"
Jamie pointed toward a long, thin wire stretched about ankle level
with the Doctor. The second Doctor leaned down and ran a finger along
the wire.
"Do ya know what it tis, Doctor?" Jamie asked.
"Yes, indeed Jamie," the Doctor said.
"Aye, and it tis...?"
"It's a trap."
"Aw, geez, Doctor, I coulda told ya that!"
"Doctor!" Peri's voice shreaked.
She pointed to the remains of a man that were sticking out of a vent.
"I am getting out of here!" she shouted and ran toward the light at
the end of the room.
"No Peri!" her friends shouted, but it was too late, Peri had tripped the wire.
Fire spouted from all sides of the corridor. Jamie felt the edges of
his kilt begin to singe under the intense heat. Their only escape
seemed obvious.

Sort of embarrassing to re-read, actually. I was so young! So...out of character!

12. Name your OTPs and explain what it is about them you love to write.


I also love John Smith/Joan. I like to see the Doctor when he's at his most human. With characters like Romana who is very alien, his human-ness comes out at full strength. Characters like Jack bring out the Doctor's comedic (and occasionally sexual side), while characters like Reinette and Rose bring out a romantic (and often painful) side of the Doctor, too.

I don't really believe in an OTP for the Doctor. He's James Bond. He doesn't get one love forever. Unless you count the TARDIS. Which is pretty much my OTP for him. Doctor/TARDIS <3 FOREVER!

13. What would you call your writing style?


14. Do you read other people's fan fiction? If so, what do you find yourself reading the most?

Absolutely. I find myself very drawn in to emotion-based, internal dialogue-based stories. I love a good comedy as much as anyone, but I'm always driven by drama and internal thought. I like to be in the head of other characters. One of my favorite fics and one I consider to have inspired a LOT of my NC-17 work is Triangle by pq laertes. The internal work done with both the Doctor and Ace is phenomenal. (I also like their description of the Doctor's anatomy, but that's a totally different story.)

15. Name one thing you'd love to write but have been too afraid or too shy to do.

Ten/Jack. I'm worried I will mess it up.

16. Do you feel uncomfortable taking criticism? Or worse, do you have the dreaded bloated ego?

I try not to have a bloated ego, but sometimes I do read my stuff and go "DAMN I am good." As for criticism, I actually thrive on it. I try to find critical betas to read my stuff before I post it because I want to improve. Look at my first fanfic! Without criticism, I would've never gotten better!

I do not like people who criticize due to my choice of pairing or situation. Like, there is NOTHING I hate more than someone who tells me they don't like my fic because they hate Ten/Reinette or didn't like the episode. That's just not helpful, you know?

17. When you write, is there anything that helps?

Silence. Re-watching scenes. I don't like listening to music, I start to lose my concentration.

18. What inspires you?

Other writers. Episodes. Debates. Thinking about a scene or seeing it in a different light almost always inspires.

19. Lastly, how would you sum up your fan fiction experiences and you as a writer?

In general, writing has been very good. Very rewarding. Sometimes wank and drama can take the fun out of the writing, but I try to look past it.

20. Tag some friends, because they'll hate you for it.

Anyone who would like to, may!
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