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OOC: Recommendation Post

Slower week in reading for me, I'm afraid. Been too busy to sit down and read properly like I want to! Just got out of an inventory and it's, what? 4am over here? No time at home at all today, been out since 8am. Figured I'd do something productive and give a few recs before I fall into a comatose state. And my cat is all asleep on my feet so if I move just yet he'll wake up and stop being cute.

Doctor Who

TM Respose: Seduction by aces_are_rare
She's the One by imatwat
TS Response: Ten Kisses by unearthlysusan
AC Response: Put It Behind You by clever_wanderer
(and a few older ones I had to make note of)
Hall of Mirrors Series by wmr
TM Response: Sorrow In The World by walksineternity
ROTM Response: Electric Blue by hofficoffi

Other Fandoms

MGW Response: Mine by changehistory
TM Response: Seduction by _fredless
WM Response: Her Story by fightsinfront
TM Response: Fragile by im_notlikethem
You have been reading the ongoing story by grissom_tm, right? Latest chapter.
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