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ooc: post of doom

Following ambitious_woman's smart decision to base her year on the fiscal year, I'm gonna do the same. To start out this year, I'm cleaning up my overly-long list of communities that I'm part of and starting fresh in a few new ones.

After much deliberation, I've made the difficult decision to leave realmof_themuse. I was one of the first people to join and this decision was a hard one. Thusly, I will not be participating in the TBS Tammys anymore. I'm also sadly leaving oncoming_storms and muse_erotica. All of the moderators have already been informed.

There is no spite or stupidity behind me leaving, I've just found myself overwhelmed and I've had to cut back on some of the more time-consuming prompt communities. I'm hoping that I'll be freeing up some time to actually ROLEPLAY with the fun people I've met through the communities rather than just focusing on a bajillion prompts.

I will most likely be joining a few more over the coming months (I've heard of a few that I'm very excited about) once my real life calms down.

Now, it's 1:15 my time, and I've just finished up a thirteen hour shift, so I'm gonna crash. Take care, kids! See you all on the flip side (whichever side that may be).
Tags: ooc: post of doom
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