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OOC: Recommendation Post

I've decided that once a week or so I will put up a post of some of my favorite ficlets I've read lately. I think my flist doesn't realize I really do read y'all and love what I read. Here are some of my favorites, and some other ficlets/stories I've read elsewhere as well. Please don't consider NOT being on here an insult, these are just a few of the fics I found to be extraordinary and needed to be fangirled and pimped! You'll see a lot of my personal fandom in this one, but others will be pimped as well! =)

Doctor Who

Ten Things That Are Absolutely True About Martha Jones... by Branwyn (Teaspoon)
Dead Worlds by Branwyn (Teaspoon)
ROTM Prompt: Popularity by tastefulfashion
FM Prompt: Ten Things You Won't Willingly Talk About by his_sarah_jane
aaaaand a last minute addition:
OMP Prompt: Kiss Him Again... by ambitious_woman

Other Fandoms

MTM Prompt: I try to tell her but she just won't believe by ourslutty_yoda
Writers Muses Prompt: Ones You Never Expect by her_own_sword
TM Prompt: Seduction by eternityticking
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