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for muses_gonewild: Go Ahead And Jump.

What brought him here? Some quest, some adventure, some mishap. Nowhere else to run, nowhere else to go. He's here, now. Nowhere else to run.

Go ahead and jump.

He stands at the edge of the chasm, and he can't see the owner of the voice calling to him from somewhere along this chasm. The rock staggers and slides in a menacing manner that calls to mind teeth in a gaping maw. The sharp contrast of the white stone beneath his feet and the pitch black of the depths below is startling, and the pink skin of his bare feet looks wrong in the monochromatic world where he stands. The sky is also sharply black and vacant of the stars he's spent his life looking up that. They're there, he thinks, beyond that inky atmosphere. Other worlds, other worlds with color and freedom.

Go ahead and jump.

He shifts his foot and the stone crumbles easily away. For the terrifying depths below, the stone around it is soft and maleble, which makes it all the more terrifying. It feels like warming ice, burning his skin with chill. He uncurls his fingertips and the wind from the chasm spreads across his sweaty palms. The air is thick, it’s a bit like he's wading through it. He breathes it in and feels like he will choke. The air he breathes is cold, in comparison he feels scalding. He almost imagines he will melt down the side of the bluff. His skin will slide down the cold, jagged rocks and split around them.

Go ahead and jump.

He takes a breath. The air is heavy, it feels like rain. A heavy rain will break over this bluff and he will have no choice but to fall down. Fall into it. The water will push him through the clean-smelling stone and he will crumble. Crumble and fall. Crumble and fall. Crumble and fall…

Go ahead and jump.

The words he hears echo down the sides of the silent chasm. They tumble and fall and hop back to his ears and he can almost recognize the voice. Almost. It sounds vacant and hollow. Vacant and hollow and there and---

Doctor. Go ahead and jump.

His name, this time. His name and the voice he only just recognizes. Jump down. Jump across. Jump. Jump there. The voice is probably a lie. It's probably someone who wants him to die and, really, who wouldn't? Who wouldn't want the Doctor out of their hair if they were up to something?

Doctor, please.

That voice. He recognizes that voice. He never wants to think that voice could lie to him.

He breathes, his foot slides over the edge. The wind screams over his face and he feels the shift of gravity as his body moves over the edge and the coming fall begins to take over.

Go ahead and jump.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 484
Tags: community: muses gone wild, verse [active]: 00: open
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