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Hey, guys! Sorry about being so scarce the last few days. We're finishing up closing my store, and I've just finished off a 13-hour workday involving boxing and counting...it's just been a long couple of days. I apologize for any dropped threads, I'll do my best to pick them up as soon as I can. I don't actually have another day off until the weekend, so we'll see how much I can multitask! I also have some prompts that are due for communities, so I wanna make sure I get them done, too.

Tammys! I'm positively chuffed about all of the awards I was nominated for and won. I'm completely flattered by the Best Overall Roleplayer and Best Fandom Writer awards, not to mention the best RPed relationship with ambitious_woman! Her mun and I work hard to make them fun and realistic, I'm so glad you all like them. I'm also so proud to have won best Erotic Prompt for my Ten/Martha ficlet. As my first NC-17 ficlet with the Doctor, it means a great deal to me.

Oh, yeah, and the pup loves all of the awards he won. Favourite alien...biggest salt...yeah, he's got this ego and y'all are makin' it worse.

Thank you so much again. I hope everybody had a great time, I know I did. And any dropped Tammy threads, I'll do my best to pick back up!

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