A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

The Doctor's Address Book

Alan Shore (alan_shore): alan.shore@cps.org
Alexa Bond-Pierson (no_bedof_roses: a.bond@gmail.com
Anna Walsh (archaic_way): bookishanna@hotmail.co.uk
Cody Jean Lane (her_own_sword: kentuckygirl@hotmail.com
Gabriel (onewingbloody): W: holymsgr@mountzion.hvn
P: hotmnkysex69@yahoo.com
Jack Harkness (innuendocaptain):W: jharkness@hub.tw3.org
KITT (ki2k): ki2k@flagnet.net
Loki (trickster_loki): rum.trickster@notinasgard.com
Martha Jones (notquiteadoctor): thedoctorisin@gmail.com
Nyssa (of_traken): nyssa.traken@terminusinc.com
Rose Tyler (banished_dame): not.monkeymug@gmail.com
Rose Tyler (doctorsplusone): W: rtyler@torchwood.gov.uk
P: tardis.rose@gmail.com
Ruby (ourslutty_yoda): hi.imademon@hell.net
Sam Winchester (notantichrist): swinchester@yahoo.com
Sarah Jane Smith (sarahs_attic): sjsmith@alumni.chaletschool.ch
Sylar (eternityticking): isaac.mendez@gmail.com

Other Addresses:
John H. Holliday (john_h_holliday): Marin House, Monterey, CA, USA
Eleventh Doctor (eleventh_doctor): PO BOX 231767 Mail Centre, Greenford, London, England, 2365.
Christine Daae (singchristine): Christine Daae, Comtesse de Chagny
Rue du Vieux Colombier Numero 2
Paris, France
Henriette (stolehispurse: Henriette di Grimani
the Grimani residence
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