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OOC: Tammys


As with every year, the Doctor will have a huge post where he talks all about himself because that's what my Doctor does. Frequently. Though, as with previous years, he'll do a big picspam involving cookies or bananas and possibly pictures of him and the Master showing how not-gay they are (Might I add? GREATEST NOMINATIONS EVER.) I just want to do a quick OOC post saying thank you so much for all of the nominations. The Tammys are always great fun, and no matter who wins or loses, I always have a good time puttin' the Doctor out there on the red carpet. Thank you to everybody who reads and plays with me and my pup, I know we're both tough to deal with at times.

That being said, I recommend that everyone have your pup attend the Tammys when they go up! Even if they aren't nominated, it's always a blast! Someone always spikes the punch at the afterparty and usually John Stamos shows up. Not always, but usually. Have your muse take a long-time RP partner, or someone completely new! Considering the writer's strike, it'll be even more of a blast to see what the crazy Tammy moderators have in store. Last year a Dalek and Darth Vader announced the awards. And Lauren Cooper. The mods are nuts.

The Tammy mods work hard to make it fun, and no matter what every year it is fun. They deserve a lot of credit, I can't imagine doing what they do. Please remember that it's so much fun to get nominated or to see your friends get nominated that it doesn't matter who wins or who loses. Just have fun.

This year like previous years, the Doctor will be having a stretch-limo TARDIS, and anyone who would like to hop in for a red-carpet ride-up is welcome. Multiple incarnations or universes? I don't care! The Doctor's dates for the Tammys will be erikscordelia and littlemorelove, cause he's totally not taking a blonde and those two are not only multi-hair-colored, they're also superrad. MonkeyMug still isn't returning the calls as to whom it is going to Tammys with. Secretive jerk that he is!

Also, thank you for supporting my other two active muses, heroof_canton and mrs_saxon. I don't get to play with either of them very much, so it's very sweet to see people still read 'em!

And! That's all for now. Once again, thank you guys so much for supporting my character! And supporting each other, I'm so excited to see so many new names on the ballots! I can't possibly decide who I want to win for some of the awards because so many fantastic people are nommed! Good luck to everyone and have FUN!

And since this is an OOC post I'll attach a fun little video. Cause I do that. In honor of the many wonderful Ten/Master nods, here's a funny little vid by eleventh_doctor...

PS: Does anybody know where I can find Ten/Simm!Master manips that aren't hard NC-17? Might I add that my muse is scarred from what I was looking at earlier. SCARRED, I TELL YOU.
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