A Servant to Time and Consequence (rude_not_ginger) wrote,
A Servant to Time and Consequence

for realmof_themuse: 1.89.2: Questions

a. Who’s the biggest idiot you know?
Mickey, obviously. We call him that nickname for a reason. Of course, when I say "we", I do in fact mean "I".

b. Have you always been a jerk?
No need to get hostile, he can be a rather endearing idiot at times. Even I can admit that! And he saved the Earth! Couple of times in there. Doesn't make him any less an idiot, just a resourceful one.

c. Who picks out your clothes?
I do! Are you going to start insulting my clothes now? Here, I thought we were having a reasonable interview and you go off and start insulting me!

d. What makes you so special?
What? What?! Didn't you notice? I'm the Doctor!

e. You call THAT sexy?
No, I call it a name. You're trying to insult me, and I'll have you know that I've danced with some of the most famous women out there who think I'm quite attractive.

f. That was dancing, not a fit, right?
In response to this question I'm going to put on an irritated expression and stare at you until you ask something less insulting.

g. Who died and put you in charge?
Nobody. Just…nobody stepped up when the 'in charge' position was called. Nobody's got a chance if somebody or some group isn't leading. Not that chaos is entirely bad, its just less helpful during stressful situations.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 236
Tags: community: realm of the muse
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