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A New Year With New Universes...

For the sake of my own sanity (and everyone else's), I'll be splitting the Doctor's posts into "verses" to keep track of exactly which Doctor everyone is interacting with. All posts in the coming year will follow the normal format, but will have an additional tag saying what verse they're from.

I'll work on backtagging all old posts over the next year. It's a long task, but it'll be good for me to re-read stuff I've done before. =D

Here are the verses:

Verse [active]: 00: Canon This is the standard verse I will be using for most prompts, ficlets, etc. He sticks strictly to canon, traveling with his current UK series companion. Prompts may be taken from any point within canon, but will be strict to the television/books/audios/comics. This universe will evolve and shape as the series unfolds. Prompt Only

Verse [active]: 00: Open This is the canon-based RP/Prompt verse. Basically, if the Doctor can do it and still remain solid to canon, this is the verse he is in. This is the verse that interacts with most people and has random, fun adventures. Prompt and RP

In-Game Verses

Verse [active]: Reality Shifted In this verse, the Doctor has been pulled onto the Plane during the developing canonical season. He has a very complicated love-hate relationship with savagestime (involving swordfighting and, at some point, world domination), and a complicated relationship with shatteredqueen they broke up. He is friends with many others, though he tends to set himself apart, what with being the second-arrived Doctor of the group. He travels with handysparehand and itsthecoat. Presently updating to Waters of Mars. RP and Prompt.

Journal-Based Verses

Verse [active]: Relative Space
Let me be cruel, not unnatural. The verse that originally started in relativespace. The Doctor was trapped in France after the events of 2.04, "Girl in the Fireplace". He spent three years in France with Reinette and became her consort after some time. Prompts and RP taken place in this verse can take place prior to the Doctor's arrival in RS (Reinette-mun and I occasionally do "in-France" RPs which are enormous fun), or post arrival. They will be labeled as such. This also includes the AU Verse created by myself and ambitious_woman for the "Post-game" world. While the game is closed, this verse will stay open for the two of us to continue our play. Prompt and RP

Verse [active]: Two Immortals One TARDIS
The verse with quitehomoerotic, post Children of Earth and pre-Waters of Mars current to canon. Has become more than slightly epic in and of itself, involving timelines, love stories, and a whole lot of awesome. Every entry can be found on this master post. Prompts and RP

Verse [active]: HMS AFR
Aka, the HMS Absolutely Fucking Ridiculous. This is a universe derived from RP and interaction with other writers_muses characters. The Doctor is dating Dorothy Gale galeforcehero and that's all complicated and exciting, while she gains knowledge/wisdom/kicks in the butt from ambitious_woman and aces_are_rare. They also travel with willrevile who pretty much drives the Doctor bonkers.

Verse [active]: Shakespeare
This is the AU-split off from 2.04 where Reinette traveled with the Doctor and his companions. An RP verse very near and dear to my heart.

Verse [active]: Other
This will contain miscellaneous or one-off verses. If the verses end up becoming more (*eyes ambitious_woman, the creative troublemaker that she is*), they will be removed from this verse and set up in their own. This verse is fluid and may or may not follow canon.

Verse [active]: AU
An AU-verse that has yet to find its own verse. Including Canon!Aislinn/canon!Ten, AU!Ace, that sort of thing.

Inactive Verses
But very near to my heart!

Verse [in active]: Couples Therapy This is an AU-split off from after Martha's departure but before Donna's return. The Doctor and Rose (banished_dame) communicated for a time through a crack in the universe and eventually they were able to return to each other through the help (?) of the Eternals. Now they travel through time and space…cause issues…fight monsters…business as usual, despite how much they've changed. They're also going to couples_therapy on a regular basis and denying/not denying their relationship. RP and Prompt

Verse [active]: Etre Libre The Doctor arrives at the resort at the end of 4.13, "Journey's End". He works at the Marina as a handyman (lol) and lives at the hotel. He's thrilled to find Martha, the TARDIS, and Sarah Jane, and not as thrilled to find the Master. His BFF is showthehorizon and his secretary is mspotts.

Verse [inactive]: Not The End This is also known as the "old" ROTM verse. Now inactive, this was a storyline between myself, ninewho and Catherine, chronicling the ever-complicated relationship between the Doctor and the Rani and the Doctor. Inactive

Verse [inactive]: Three Words This is an AU-split off from 3.13 "The Last of the Time Lords" in which the Master was not killed, and in fact became the Doctor's companion at the end of the series. Hilarity ensues. Well, hilarity and soul-searing upset, drum-silencing, emotional turmoil and rampant slashiness that the pup refuses to acknowledge…that sort of thing. Other characters heavily involved are the Master (timesignature), the Rani (thisway_comes), among others. This verse will primarily be explored through RP, though expect a few ficlets to come out of it, too. Oh, and which three words? Well, it could be the three from the episode, or "Fuck You Doctor" or "Doctor Hearts Master" or any other variety of fun you'd like to find there! This universe is unlikely to change due to the upcoming seasons. Inactive

Verse [inactive]: Full House This is my oldest verse, starring many who used to be in TM (some of us still are, some of us aren't). This is the story of the madly-full TARDIS (containing one Rose, one Byron, one Aislinn, one Martha, one Romana, and the Doctor squeezed in there somewhere). In this universe the Doctor is with Aislinn, Rose is engaged to Byron, there's lots of wine and ridiculous amounts of sexual tension, and yet the universe has yet to explode. Inactive

I will be placing a link to this post on my userinfo and in my "00: Information" tag.
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