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Ficlet requests

I'm going to do this cause I'm a geek. And I never have enough time to do stuff, but I'm looking for more inspiration, cause the prompts just...aren't speaking to the Doctor right now. And I have the day (mostly) off tomorrow, so I know I'm gonna be lookin' to do some ficcing.

Thus, this is the request-a-fic trivia contest. I'm going to put up some Doctor Who trivia, and the first one to get the question(s) right gets a fic. Once someone answers/gets their ficlet, I'll post another. =)

Sound like fun? Okay!

Easy Question:
What does UNIT stand for? (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce, ki2k)
How many years of Jack's life is he "missing"? (Two, _fredless)
What is the last name that both Sarah-Jane and Mickey share? (Smith, shaman_x)
What is the sect of Daleks who have names? (Cult of Skaro, antigone_grace)
Who was Prime Minister/President (depending on your universe) during Britian's Golden Age? (Harriet Jones, ibringlife)
What was the name of the bay where the Doctor and Rose said 'good-bye'?

Hard Question:
How old was Romana when the Doctor met her? (Nearly 140, ki2k)
What was Brigader Bambera's first name? (Winifred, shaman_x)
In what dimension did the Doctor trap Fenric? (Shadow dimension, close enough by shaman_x)
What is the race from which the Daleks evolved? (Kaled, earth_defender)
Who is the only companion to travel with all seven of the original series' Doctors? (the mun is hoping for an appearance in the new series) (Brigader Alistar Gordon Leftbridge-Stewart, not answered)
What was Mel's juice of choice?

EDIT: You only have to answer one question to get a ficlet, there's just a "difficulty" setting that my significant other said would be nicer!
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