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for oncoming_storms: Songs with Time

To murder my love is a crime
But will you still love
A man out of time

The Journal of Impossible Things

November 1, 1913

There are rules for traveling with the Doctor. The dream with them is fading fast, so excuse me if this entry is somewhat disjointed, I'm trying to place them all together.

Rule number one is no wandering off. He's dealt with this many, many times. Having a companion or friend or lover (sometimes they appear to all be the same) wander away and he has to go find them. I think he partially enjoys this, taking care of them. They all appear to mean so much to him.

Rule B. Rule number two. He wants to take control of verbal communications with other people or beings, saying "Let me do all the talking". Why he's so adamant to make sure he is in control of the talking, I don't know. Perhaps he does not find them intelligent enough to talk on their own.

For all his affection for his human companions, he appears to be oft uncertain of their intellectual capabilities. Perhaps this is because he is so very intelligent in comparison to them, or perhaps it is left over from when he was young. His world, while beautiful, is full of prejudice based on intelligence, class, race, even what house one is…"sorted" (? perhaps different reference?) into.

As I've lost the rest of the rules, let me move onto this world of his. Orange-coloured skies. I most definitely remember them. Silver leaves on the trees. The scope of the world is overwhelming. It's so utterly alien, so completely a different world. When I dream that I am him, sometimes I forget that he is an alien, that his life was so different. But…it was. He is a man out of time.

This is, no doubt, why he makes up these rules for his companions. It is as when I traveled to here from London. I had set up perimeters for myself while I adjusted. He, on the other hand, never takes the time to adjust. He is constantly in a state of motion, and thus constantly creates things he can and can not do.

He even has rules for himself, though I can not possibly remember any of them. Save one.

Do not become attached.

What kind of a tragic life it is, to travel the universe with those he loves and yet never allow himself attachment.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten) / John Smith
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 383
Tags: community: oncoming storms, persona: john smith, verse [active]: 00: canon
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