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for realmof_themuse: Mun Prompt: Other Interpretations

You know how YOU write your muse. Now, pick out two other writers who you admire. How do you think they would each write a very short drabble of the same situation for your muse? If anyone would like, they can actually do this, and discuss the results. Nothing complicated. It can be as simple as a muse having a cup of coffee, ordering lunch, asking someone to dance. The exercise is in seeing the difference between how you see/write them and someone else would.

Several weeks ago, I asked other muns to write a prompt as my character, to compare how everyone would take the same situation and write it for him. The results were very interesting! I wrote this up before I put up the prompt, and I absolutely love the differences between everyone!

The prompt: Write the Doctor having tea first thing in the morning.


He gets up much earlier than any of his companions do. When he has companions, that is. Pads out of his room unshaven, his hair nearly a crown atop his head, and in his jim jams with his bare feet pressed against the grating on the TARDIS floor.

They never really see him like this. They sleep through most of the evenings. It's better that way, creates the illusion that he never changes. Which, in a way, he doesn't.

He does typical morning things. Makes some toast. Boils some water for tea. Prints out the latest edition of the paper local to wherever they're flying.

His kitchen cabinets are full of a variety of teas from all over Earth. Red teas and green teas and black teas and even some strange purple tea that Romana bought that he still can't bring himself to drink. He selects an Earl Grey from 1893 and picks up two blue china cups and saucers.

When he's in the middle of research or taking a quick tea break from some adventure, he has several sturdy, on-hand mugs that he uses. When it comes to breakfast? He picks china. The flavor of the tea is different in that sort of dishware. When he pours the water, there's a tinny reverberation of water against the sides of the cup. The sound of the cup moving to and from the saucer has a clear schhhhleeurrrrrrp sound that can't possibly be described but he finds rather satisfying.

In this incarnation he likes his tea strong but can't possibly wait to let it steep. He sets both cups in front of himself and works on the one while the other steeps, so that the very last sip of the last cup is perfect. He reads the paper and munches on his toast and drinks and manages to not really feel too terribly domestic.

It's almost refreshing, having a morning routine. Completely different from the rest of his life.

Word Count: 323

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated! I had a great deal of fun doing this!
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