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for fandom_muses: Do you have faith?


When you're little, the Sisters seem like this great…they seem big. Very big. Time, Pain, and Death, all floating about the universe, it all makes sense.

And I believed once.

You see…when the universe was very young, three Sisters were born. No, no, not born. Not exactly. Woven. Brought into being. The eldest was Time. Most beautiful, most intelligent. The middle child was Pain, she always came to visit far too early and stayed long past her welcome. The youngest was Death. She was the only truly social member of the family. Danced with everyone once. Often…only once.

Still, when you're a wee little Time Tot at the Academy or on Mummy's knee and they tell you about the Sisters, you believe. You believe because it's easier to believe. It's as if they've given you a glass of water. It's a very small glass because you're a very small person, and it's enough. But then you get older and want a larger glass, but they only have the same amount of water. It's like that. You get thirsty after a while. Start thinking about what things that shouldn't be, because why would the Sisters let that happen?

When I was exiled, right after my second incarnation, I wondered what that meant. Was I cut off from the Sisters? Faith was fairly thin by that point at any rate, but the Sisters resided on Gallifrey. And I…well, I couldn't go back to Gallifrey, could I? Did that mean I'd never feel pain or die? Well, I mean, no, of course not. Felt pain, felt it all the time. Died later, but only a little bit. So…all those things were there, but that made the story wrong. It was like a little bit of history was mistaken, and that's a very, very important thing to a Time Lord. History has to be perfect facts have to be right.

And what about the others? What about the humans? I've seen such potential in them, but according to what we're taught, they don't get the same uh, privileges that Gallifreyans get from their Gods. All the mercy, hate, and justice in the world, and they can't protect some innocent humans? Doesn't make any sense to me. I protect them, and I'm far from a God. Or a trifecta of Gods, matter of fact. Three times the ability to bounce around and right things.

And what about that 'time is young' bit? Time doesn't age, things do. People do! And how do you weave Sisters without genetic material? Or even a Loom?

It doesn't fit. It just…doesn't.

I've taken to reading about Earth's religions. To better understand my companions, since they always seem to be humans nowadays. There's one I rather like. Neo Classic. They don't believe so much in a God or in a Devil or what-have-you. It's more…the things that men do. It can be the same difference, if you think about it.

Still. Things that men do. I've seen a man take a Dalek blast to the chest because he thought he could save someone else five more minutes to save a planet. I've seen a woman swallow the Time Vortex. I've seen a man sell out his bride in order to gain the favor of an Empress. I've seen that bride still admit she loved him. And Martha…I've seen a lot. A lot of things people will sacrifice for what's right and what's wrong.

In the end, the universe sets itself correctly. Evil survives, yes. But good, good survives. No, it prevails.

I can't believe in many things, but I can believe in that.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 608
Tags: community: fandom muses, verse [active]: 00: open
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