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Here's a recent prompt I'm fairly fascinated with. I know how I write the Tenth Doctor. I'm interested in seeing how everyone else might create the same situation.

You know how YOU write your muse. Now, pick out two other writers who you admire. How do you think they would each write a very short drabble of the same situation for your muse? If anyone would like, they can actually do this, and discuss the results. Nothing complicated. It can be as simple as a muse having a cup of coffee, ordering lunch, asking someone to dance. The exercise is in seeing the difference between how you see/write them and someone else would.

So! Let's make this prompt an interesting one. I know I can't copy other people's styles, and I wouldn't want to, but I'd like to know what other people might do in the same situation.

Anyone who would like to, please write a scene with the Tenth Doctor having tea first thing in the morning and post it here. If you'd like to post it in your journal, please link me to it here. I'll write my own little drabble up and link it along with any other responses people might write.

Please don't feel like it's a competition! I'm very interested in seeing how other people see the character I play. I know I definitely don't play him like others do, and I'd love to see how you would take it! If you have an AU Ten and you'd like to write his AU doing this drabble, that would rock my world as well.

I'll post my drabble/links to your drabbles on Christmas Day, so no rush for anyone who wants to try it.
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