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for makeyourlist: Nice List!

Right, here's a nice list! A list of the nice things the headmates have said about me! To garner this list, I popped around and asked them. They were surprisingly quite open in talking to me!


Sam Tyler
Man's completely nutters. Completely. Doesn't mean he isn't smart, though. Uses his brains, gets the job done. Something to be said for that. Also means you can't predict him. Where I work and what I do, you learn to admire the ones who aren't predictable. Don't just lie around and wait for whatever happens next to happen.

Dr. Allison Cameron
I think he's quite amiable. He cares for the people around him. He really, really cares. He'll throw himself into the middle of danger to stop all of it. He'll sacrifice everything for them. I also…well, I'm also sure he's a little damaged. That long life of his, everything he's seen. And he's still so good.

Jayne Cobb
Get the ruttin' hell away from me.

Well, I'll be sayin' this for him. For bein' a rail-thin loony dafter than Jack, he does know how to be gettin' out of scrapes when he gets into 'em. Can't fault a man for knowin' how to get out of somethin' once he's got into it. More often than not they get in there all by their onesomes and require someone to come out an' find 'em later.

That bein' said, I'll be takin' that extra gold you were sayin' you'd be offerin' me.

Lucy Saxon
He's not entirely vile. He brought out the worst in Harry. He turned his companion into a walking signpost to his greatness. He spent a year incapacitated while those he loved were tortured before him. In the end, though. In the end he saved the world. And it's
It's my
No, he's not entirely vile.

Jayne Cobb
What are ya followin' me for? Go away!

The Maxx
He's been to Pangea. The Wild Place. He's seen the things that I have and he knows what must be fought to save everyone! He has promised me that one day, we will go and save the Leopard Queen together. He is not like Mr. Gone---despite what he says about being Dr. Never-Quite-There---he is honest. He is truthful. I just wish he had a better sense of time than me. The newspaper says it's Thursday. The last thing we both remembered, it was Saturday. Uh…oh….it's happening again.

Dr. Owen Harper
Jack keeps saying he's something real special or whatever. Got a hero-worship hard-on for the man. I don't get it. He's just some bloke, y'know? Just got lots of files at the Hub that we're not allowed to look in. What? It has to be nice? Uh, right. Uh…He has…very pointy hair. Which is possibly defying gravity…can I leave now?

Jayne Cobb
I ain't kiddin', now. Git yer skinny ass outta my way and gwan nee tzi-jee duh shr! We clear?


I think it's fairly obvious from this that they all adore me.

Muse: The Doctor (Ten)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Word Count: 474

Special Appearances by:
Muse: DI Sam Tyler, Dr. Allison Cameron, Captain Hector Barbossa, Lucy Saxon, The Maxx, Dr. Owen Harper, Jayne Cobb
Fandom: Life on Mars, House MD, Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy, Doctor Who, The Maxx, Torchwood, Firefly/Serenity
Tags: community: make your list, other muse: allison cameron, other muse: barbossa, other muse: jayne cobb, other muse: lucy saxon, other muse: owen harper, other muse: sam tyler, other muse: the maxx, verse [active]: 00: open
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