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Just figured it out!

Right. So there's this meme going around with mistletoe and kissing? Apparently I missed it until today. Kept getting all these little messages with people and mistletoe and I just thought they were trying to help me prevent werewolves!

As it is, thank you all very much for, uh, wanting kisses from me. I apologize for the delays in said kisses, universe saving and all that.

Therefore! Here's my little contribution to kissing, because it's the season. If you've requested a kiss or would like a kiss, comment here. I'm not 2007 Tammy winner of Biggest Slut for nothing.

Happy Christmas!

EDIT: And here's the actual meme...

Two ways to play:

Request kisses from the Doctor.
If you'd like a kiss from the Doctor just comment here and let him know. He'll reply to your comment with a drabble of sorts that involves the kiss, or put up a thread to get that kiss on it's way. Or if you'd like a bit more control over the situation just start your own post and mark the entry locked to the Doctor, and leave me a comment here letting me know where the thread is and the Doctor'll be there!

Offer kisses to Others.
If you're feeling particularly bold or adventurous, post the picture in your journal, note that it's open to all, and let people ask for kisses from you. Give them at least a sentence or two in response, though--none of this "*kiss*" nonsense, that's no fun.

OOC: Silly little mun, I never read the meme until today! I'm so sorry for the delays. Anyone who'd like a kiss, go ahead and toss 'em in here and I'll have the Doctor lay one on ya. =D
Tags: setting: christmas, topic: silly human holidays, verse [active]: 00: open
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