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Mercilessly stolen from thisway_comes

YEAR IN REVIEW: Take the first sentence (or two) from the first post of each month of 2007. That's your year in review.

1. They're absolutely true! And completely accurate! See! See!

2. He dreams in memories. Solid. Formed. Strong. Things are clearer, sharper, more real than when he's awake.

3. They tell the story to their children. Be good, they say, Or else he'll get you. It's a fable, or perhaps legend, but definitely based on truth.

4. It's been years. Hell, it could've been centuries for all he knew. All he knew was that it had been a very, very long time.

5. So, yes, the typist will be heading out to New York tomorrow (not the New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York, just the regular one), and, therefore, she'll be slow on tags and everything else the next two days.

6. You must be joking, Grandfather. I can't imagine you on an actual sailing ship.

I tell you, child, it happened! I wouldn't joke about something like that.

7. You should hate him. You really, really should. Should hate him with every fiber of your being, but you don't, and that's the most frustrating thing.

8. Another chat with Sylar. Well, it could've been worse. At least he was willing to do these chats, willing to listen and connect to someone emotionally.

9. In response to this exceptionally…special Reinette!Hate fic found on Teaspoon & An Open Mind...with, uh, respect to the original author (sort of)...a little bit of a re-write to suit my own devious mind...

All right, so I'm not exactly a connoisseur of Earth music, though I do like the occasional concert or so (if I can make it to one). But, to do this list, I went through some of my companions' old rooms and picked out a song I thought suited them best from their collections.

11. Humans.

12. In case you weren't aware, Jack (that's onlysayinghello) and I )rude_not_ginger) were nominated in this whole Olympic business as a Toboggan team. So, just in case you weren't aware...this is what happened. All went down...in the Winter Olympics...must've been 1948 or so. So...enjoy. And remember to vote for us!
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