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An OOC question because it was asked.

If you didn't know, the Doctor has a paid account. So I'd like to use the benefits because I'm clearly not using all of them. (Though the icons? TOTALLY.)

All righty, here's the question:

While all prompts are no higher than a PG-13 rating for the Doctor, occasionally roleplaying sessions can vary between G to NC-17, I just do what the muse tells me he wants. Should I, the mun, place a "rating tag" for RP sessions, so anyone wishing to avoid anything smutty or violent can skip them?

Poll #830994 Rate My Doctor

Should the Doctor's RP sessions have a "rating" tag?

No, cause you shouldn't write NC-17 for Doctor Who. Excuse me, my *childhood* here.
No, I only read prompts/ficlets
No need for it, I'll read it all
Yes, but only for NC-17 sessions
Yes, please, for everything so I know what I'm in for

In other news, the code to this pole has "whovote" as part of it. I laughed. That is all.
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